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City of Mobile Collecting Fees to Strengthen Stormwater Program and Improve Water Quality

August 06, 2018

"When I first stepped into office, Mobile was the poster child for stormwater mismanagement. As the rainiest city in America, this is a serious problem. Now, we are well on our way to becoming the poster child for stormwater excellence. This funding will help us better protect our natural resources and create a cleaner, greener community." - Mayor Stimpson

City Action:
To strengthen the City's stormwater program, the City will begin collecting a stormwater fee. All fees will be allocated to stormwater activities to improve the water quality of City waterways.

Recent state legislation authorized municipalities to collect storm water fees. Pending City Council approval, the City of Mobile will begin collection on an annual basis. Via an agreement with the Mobile County Revenue Commissioner, the stormwater fee will be collected as other ad valorem taxes.


  • 1/2 cent per square foot for commercial space or commercial property – maximum $3000
  • $10 per residential property

  • Current property tax exemptions apply.
  • Owners of greenfields and/or agricultural land.

  • Eliminate and prevent pollution, illicit discharges, improper disposal and spills
  • Monitor storm water collection system operations and stormwater discharges from industrial facilities
  • Enforce controls to minimize pollutants from construction activities
  • Develop storm water management practices for new developments and re-developments
  • Implement public education activities regarding the storm water management program