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City of Mobile Prepared for Subtropical Storm Alberto

May 25, 2018

“We have gathered together our first responders to ensure we are fully prepared when Subtropical Storm Alberto makes landfall. Given the potential impact on Mobile, I encourage everyone to monitor the storm, have a plan in place and take the necessary precautions. We will continue to stay vigilant to ensure everyone’s safety.” – Mayor Stimpson

City Action:

To alleviate any potential impacts of the storm, the City of Mobile has taken the following precautions to ensure a safe and rapid response.

- Coordinated with first responders on the disaster preparedness plan.
- Transported equipment to key locations including fire stations, police precincts and community centers.
- Cleaned and inspected storm drains.
- Secured loose items around work spaces, buildings and grounds.
- Removed debris from overpasses, bridges, culverts, inlets, drainage ways and litter trap.
- Fueled all City vehicles and tanks.
- Checked all equipment, batteries and generators.
- Loaded dump trucks and transported them to a sheltered area.
- Removed hanging limbs and dead trees that have potential to cause damage during the storm.
- Loaded barricades on trailers in case roads need to be closed.

Storm Checklist:

Before the Storm

- Remove electrical appliances from the floor.
- Close all windows tightly. Venetian blinds should be raised all the way to the top. Curtains or drapes should be closed.
- Each person should have a flashlight in case of power failure.
- Objects should be cleared from the floor and from the tops of desks and dressers.

After the Storm

- Do NOT attempt to drive through standing water.
- Always check for hazards including damaged electrical wiring, downed or damaged utility lines.
- Watch and listen to local news stations as officials will provide vital information through those outlets.