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City of Mobile Hosts Successful Mardi Gras

February 15, 2018


  • Picked up 5,298.8 pounds of recycling and 7,602.6 pounds of litter during and after parades.

  • Recycled glass and plastic bottles, cardboard and aluminum cans and pans.

  • Collected cooking oil from vendors and transporting it to MAWSS.

  • Utilized community service workers to pick up litter and recycling.

  • Operated litter vacuum vehicles.

  • Provided additional garbage and recycling carts.

Public Works:

  • Removed 338,300 pounds of debris to date.

  • Installed 150 grates on storm drains to prevent litter from entering waterways.

  • Partnered with Mobile Baykeeper to install 15 additional stormwater screens.

  • Placed 10,000 barricades downtown during the Carnival Season.

  • Cleaned 10 miles of streets following every parade.

Architectural Engineering:

  • Provided over 200 portable toilets along the parade route.

  • Installed 7,200 linear feet of fencing at a number of downtown City facilities to protect the buildings and landscaping.

Mobile Fire and Rescue:

  • Responded to 139 medical assistance calls.

  • Transported 39 people to receive medical care.

  • Partnered with volunteer medical physicians and volunteer EMT's to treat those injured or ill along the parade route.

  • Provided a Fire Company following every parade including nights where there are back to back parades.

  • Firemedics provided emergency medical services via walking teams and ambulances stationed along the perimeter.

  • EMS Bike Teams, staffed by Fire Medics and Physicians were deployed within the Parade Route.

  • Mini-Ambulances dynamically moved in the parade route and along the perimeter.

  • Provided a Command Post, Dispatch Center and First Aid at Central Fire Station.

Mobile Police Department:

  • Responded to 406 complaints.

  • Successfully prevented all nonviolent crimes.

  • Reunited 4 children with their parents.

  • Mounted Unit assisted with crowd control, crime prevention and response

  • Traffic Unit directed traffic and provides security for parked vehicles

  • Patrol Units patrolled outside the parade route to ensure safety

  • Uniformed officers and a team of plainclothes officers responded to any suspicious activity.

  • Cyber-Intelligence Unit monitors cameras within the Mardi Gras parade route and responds to any criminal activity.

Created an interactive map of all 6 parade routes to be viewed on the City's Website.

Footage of City efforts during Mardi Gras can be found here.