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City of Mobile to Transform the Mobile Civic Center site

November 02, 2017

"This 24 acre space in the heart of our downtown is a significant part of our community. We have an incredible opportunity to transform an aging facility into a landmark that serves multiple purposes for all of our citizens and guests. We're excited and motivated by all of the possibilities for Mobile!" -- Mayor Stimpson

When Mayor Stimpson first took office, he discovered that The Mobile Civic Center was a 50-year-old facility with significant maintenance needs that had not been addressed and restoration costs were projected to be extremely high. The City then began considering potential alternatives to both improve the aging facility and continue to satisfy municipal and civic needs in a cost effective manner. Two years ago, Mayor Stimpson began a public conversation on the future of the Civic Center site. City Staff have now met with sports associations, our downtown hotel and restaurant association, developers, music venues, arts & entertainment groups, Mardi Gras representatives, surrounding neighborhoods and many other individuals and groups directly impacted by the Mobile Civic Center. After assimilating all of the feedback, the City will unveil potential concepts and scenarios for the 24-acre site during an Open House on November 13.


  • Provide a space for our civic needs.

  • Improve and diversify the amenities and services that this site provides our citizens.

  • Serve the purposes for which the original facility was built.


  • Host a public workshop to engage the public.

  • Incorporate feedback from citizens into planning efforts.

  • Shape an RFP to address high level needs including civic, residential, retail, recreation, arts and Mardi Gras.

  • Send RFP to global development groups to inquire interest in developing the site.

  • Establish a public-private partnership.

  • Create a transition plan.

  • Begin construction in 2020.